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Super Trumps Steam Engines rejected

screenshot_v2-0_en_01About 20 days ago we’ve send our new Super Trumps game with ancient steam engines to Apple for review process. Contrary to our other Super Trumps games we want to publish the steam engines for free with an AdMob advertisement. So “sparing” customers can test our game for free … and hopefully they’ll buy other Super Trumps because of the fun the gameplay offers.

Tonight the app has been rejected by Apple because of a bug with the new firmware 3.1. We’re working on that.

Two things are special with this rejection:
First of all the rejection mail came in German language! So far every correspondence from Apple has been in English. What does that mean? That Apple is now translating their correspondence for foreign developers … or that they have German native speakers within the App Review Team?
Second besides the bug another rejection reason have been the entered keywords. We have been using the new keywords also for “cross marketing” issues by using also titles of our other apps. That isn’t allowed – according to the mail by Apple:

manage-your-content-iconAußerdem kann die Anwendung wegen sachfremden Keywords im iTunes Connect-Profil derzeit nicht in den App Store eingestellt werden. Wir veröffentlichen keine Anwendungen, die sachfremde Keywords für ihre Suchkriterien verwenden. Keywords müssen sich auf den Inhalt der Anwendung beziehen. Es wäre angebracht, die Keywords Top, peer, hot, bible, guns zu entfernen.

Wir bitten Sie darum, die sachfremden Keywords in iTunes Connect zu entfernen und Ihre Binary erneut zur Überprüfung einzureichen.

Hinweis: Keywords müssen auf Ihre Anwendung bezogen sein und dürfen keine anstößigen Begriffe enthalten. Es ist nicht angemessen, auf andere Anwendungen hinzuweisen. Keywords können einzelne Worte oder Ausdrücke sein. Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Keyword-Feld auf 100 Zeichen beschränkt ist. Alle Keywords müssen durch Kommas voneinander getrennt sein, um nicht als ein einziges Keyword erkannt zu werden.

The German hint means that only relevant keywords are allowed to use. They have to be relevant for the respective app and must not contain offensive words. For example: We’ve been using the keyword “hot” in terms of “hot game” – Apple is regarding that as a kind of keyword spam.

It’s never getting boring with Apple at your side 😉

Working intensely on version 2.0 of our Super Trumps

preview_trains_v2-0Currently we are working intensely on the next version of our Super Trumps. The phase of coding is finished, currently we’re testing and bug fixing. It’ll be a big step, therefore we are making a step from last published version 1.4 to 2.0!

First we’ll publish new Super Trumps games, beginning with Soccer Stars. Afterwards we’ll publish updates for the yet existing Top Trumps: Trains, Cars, Bikes etc. In a final step we’ll send further new Super Trumps to Apple for review process. Please stay informed!

For version 2.0 we have redesigned the GUI of Super Trumps completely. We’ve made a huge step toward more professionalism and the user interface will be more graphically.
With v2.0 you’ll be able to play not only 10 minutes, but also 20 minutes or infinite.
Optional a player can save his geo position with the gained points into the high-score list so that other players can see his location.
Furthermore one can tweet the gained points and current rank within the high-score to Twitter.

Enough changes to justify stepping from v1.4 to 2.0! We are excited how our customers will meet all the changes of our Super Trumps.

What shall we do for 3.0?

The new iPhone OS 3.0 is great, the list of the new features is a long one. So we, as Developers, Developers, Developers!, are questioning: What shall we do for 3.0? We’re planning  a lot, above all multiplayer game with peer-to-peer, some In-App-Purchase and other stuff, which we find cool and of what we’re thinking that our customers will love it.

But our developer friend Oliver Drobnik, who is always on the ball when it’s about “the next step”, is asking the clever question: Which OS Version to target? At his blog he is offering quite interesting stats about the percentile allocation of the different iPhone OS version, installed on the user devices. You can read all the facts at his blog, which is always a font of wisdom to me. In short: At the moment only 4.5% of all apps in the Apple App Store are presuming OS 3.0. According to AdMob stats about free apps 44% of the iPhone owners are yet using 3.0, but only 1% of the iPod Touch users, because apple is demanding 10$ for the upgrade. 78% of the Touch users are still using the version 2.2.1.

Hmmm, regarding these numbers the question is truly, whether a developer team should put all their ressources into the development of a 3.0-only feature, when not even the half of their potential customers can use them. Even for us the question is important, because we have a lot of iPod Touch users with our Super Trumps games (about 37%).

To emphasise this we’ll answer Oliver with our own stats, collected with the submission of received points to our online highscore.
To cut a long story short: At least a fourth is already using 3.0, that’s not bad! But nearly two-thirds are still running 2.2.1. What does that mean? Not overmuch. We will still abide by publishing a peer-2-peer multiplayer option for Super Trumps, because also we would love to play the game with a dear friend or our kids.


But every developer team should keep the fact at the back of their minds, that it takes a longer time until the majority of the devices are updated to the newest OS version. So don’t make the mistake to forget about the loyal customers, which are always waiting some time before updating, just to have always the most advanced technology in your applications.

Starting from today …

A warm welcome to everybody who has discovered our new blog about our activities regarding iPhone application development.

Since it got uncomfortable to support informations about our latest products with an iWeb site we decided to chose the new way with a WordPress blog. Hopefully we’ll find the time to publish interesting informations about iPhone development in general and about our own iPhone applications which you can buy via Apple App Store.

Starting from January this year we have discovered the fascination of the modern and pathbreaking mobile device by Apple. After some weeks of studying Objective-C and Cocoa Touch we published our first app to the Store. Until now we have seven apps online and there will be even more in the next weeks. Stay tuned …