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Minor bug in new Super Trumps v2.0

brown_stink_bug_adultWithin our new and major update version 2.0 for our Super Trumps games a minor bug has creeped in:

Although the language recognition within game play and guide is working fine and the country flag for the user resp. the user’s language (established within iPhone settings) is displayed correctly, the country flags aren’t displayed rightly within the high-score lists.
We apologize for that error and a minor update with number 2.0.1 will be sent to Apple for review process very soon.

On our blog you’ll receive the latest news about the release of this bug-fix.

Finally Super Trumps (Cars) are back in Store

After 11 days of impatient waiting and after one rejection Apple finally reviewed the emergency update of our Super Trumps with cars. Now all early updaters of the faulty update version 1.4 can correct the broken version with the new one. We apologize again for all that trouble!

Also the updates for our other Super Trumps games with bikes, guns and aircrafts are online since the day before yesterday. In all four Super Trumps games the following changes were made:

  • Compatible with iPhone OS 3.0
  • Lot of memory and speed enhancements
  • Bug-fix: Disabled the possibility to touch value buttons while it’s iPhone’s turn
  • By user request: Country flag of compared card is shown now

Now we are still waiting for Super Trumps Trains and Super Trumps Michael Jackson to get reviewed by Apple. We’ll keep you informed.

Catastrophe with update 1.4 of our Super Trumps (Cars)

Theres a bug

A catastrophe happend to the update version 1.4 of our Super Trumps card game with cars for iPhone.

Because we’ve been a victim of crack kiddies and a cracked version of our first Super Trumps has circulated in the internet, we’d established an “anti crack” mechanism by the help of Oliver Drobnik. This mechanism detects whether the copy of our app is a regular bought one or a piracy version. If latter the app is automatically changed to a lite version (only 8 instead of 32 playing cards, only 2 instead of 10 minutes to play). So far so good.

When building our last update for Super Trumps an error happend so that the “anti crack” mechanism isn’t working correctly. The app reviewer at Apple has apparently slept and let the faulty version into the App Store.

All the poor customers who have installed the update are now suffering from this faulty version, must gamble the lite version and are nerved by a dialog, which states that the used version is a piracy version.

We apologize to all the updaters and fair customers for that catastrophe. We’ve yet send an adjusted version to Apple for review process and hopefully the update will be published soon. Then all the customers who have yet installed the version 1.4 can replace that faulty version with the correct one, which will be 1.4.1.

We’re very sad about that fact, but at the moment our hands are tied and we can only wait for the moment, version 1.4.1 will reach the App Store … so do 142 customers of our app.