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Adventsaktion von vieda

vieda, der Verand der iPhone-Entwickler deutschsprachiger Apps, startet Adventsaktion

Am 1. Dezember startet die Adventsaktion des neu gegründeten Entwicklerverbandes vieda. Dabei werden sowohl online unter als auch mit einer eigenen App im App Store Apps der beteiligten Entwickler an jedem Tag bis zum 24.12. im Preis um mindestens 50% reduziert. In der Adventskalender-App, die sich aktuell noch im Review bei Apple befindet, wird für jedes “Türchen”, also jeden Tag, eine App preisreduziert angeboten, auf der Website bei sind das täglich bis zu drei Apps.

Auch wir sind bei der Aktion mit drei Apps vertreten, verraten an dieser Stelle aber noch nicht, hinter welchem Türchen sich unsere Apps verstecken werden 😉


Our app Super Trumps Sexy Models rejected

Everybody has read tons of articles regarding the prude and often inapprehensible review process of Apple. We also have published our own thoughts regarding that topic. After two month of rejections we’ve decided to quit developing Super Trumps (go fish) games with real persons (because of the risk to infringe personal rights) and to concentrate on other content. One is a new Super Trumps game with sexy foto models. Already in June we’ve contacted hundreds of professional and semi-professional models from the fotocommunity and the German Model-Kartei. We made the following offer to the models: They let us use one of their photos of which they have all rights of use or the admission of the photographer to provide it. And in return we will put a link to their personal website within the game (but of course the site will open externally within Safari, not within our app!).

After a lot of emails in and out we’ve got 32 photos of the participating models. Because of Apple’s handling of nudity we made a point of using only photos without nudity. The models on the photos are all dressed with a bikini or in lingerie. And because of Apple’s rejection of our Super Trumps games with persons (actors, footballers and basketball players) we contacted Apple in advance and stated that we have the written permission of all models to use their photos.

“Fine”, we thought … until we got another rejection by Apple. Two of our 32 photos are containing “objectionable content”. Yikes! Have we lost sight for a nipple?! Can there be seen the form of a vagina under the slip?! But get a picture of the problem for yourself! These are the two photos because of which Apple rejected our latest application:

Hmmm, can anybody tell me what could be the problem of these pictures? In my opinion they are even more harmless than a commercial for shower gel, shown on German TV at 6 pm.
And for what reason these two photographs are “objectionable” and these examples from apps within the App Store are not?

Why can the colleagues with (mostly low-quality) apps showing girls in bikini earn money with their photo apps while our app has been rejected? Just fortune? Bad karma? Injustice? Does Apple keep an eye on us because we’re sometimes publishing critics of their review process and the iPhone development program?

We do not know! We’ve contacted the two models and asked them to send us another photo. But that doesn’t mean that Apple won’t find some other “objectionability” within the photos. Could get interesting how this story will go on … If all else fails we could start a world-wide collection of signatures at 😉


Farewell to Super Trumps with persons

iStock_000010331489XSmallAfter two month of stressful and unsatisfying struggle with the reviewer team of Apple regarding our Super Trumps games with persons (Hollywood actors, Basketball pros, Michael Jackson’s hit singles and also the update for the one with football stars) we made a decision:

Forget this type of app, try to anew the whole stuff of developing apps for the beloved iPhone. We had to learn – below others from friendly Apple employees on the telephone – that it might not suffice to use images under the Common Creative Attribution license, because pictured persons like Brat Pitt could claim the protection of their personal rights – independent from the regular CC license.

We neither want to infringe someone’s personal rights nor want to receive complaints about doing so after all.

Therefore we’ve decided – with a heavy heart – to stop developing Super Trumps branches with real persons and to concentrate on different apps (at the moment we’re working on a reference tool … soon more to come on our blog) and also further Super Trumps games with technical objects like tanks or luxury yachts.

At the moment we have a new Super Trumps game in review with attractive and sexy photo models. Because we have the written agreement of every model respective the photographers of the images we don’t expect any troubles during the review process.

Because of that decision we also removed our Super Trumps game with famous football stars from the App Store. We apologize to all regular customers for that, because there won’t be any update in the future. Just because Apple won’t release it but bann it binary for binary. The employee we talked with on phone made that very clear.
We can offer all customers of  Super Trumps Football Stars with an US iTunes account a promotional code to download one of our other apps for free. Just report to

Since some weeks Apple is very strict in reviewing newly submitted apps and updates and it’s getting harder to get one’s own app into the App Store. But that are good news. Now, perhaps, worse applications and useless fun apps won’t reach the store to that certain extent any longer.


Updates of our Super Trumps out new

The last few days Apple released the update v2.0.1 of our Super trumps games with high-speed trains, fighter aircrafts, sports cars and guns. The update of the Super Trumps app with super bikes has been released one week before.

Changes in version 2.0.1:

  • Bug-fix: Fixed problem with missing country flags within high score lists for English languaged iPhones
  • Change: Twitter messages now only in English

The next updates will be for our iPhone applications Nameday and the Bible Oracle.


Out now Super Trumps Steam Engines for free

screenshot_v2-0_en_01Get the new member of our Super Trumps series with ancient steam engines for free.

Why for free? Because steam engines are a special subject above all for fans we do not expect a lot of sales per day. Therefore we use the steam engines as a possibility to solicit our other Super Trumps games by offering it for free. We’re hoping that a lot of new customers are curious enough to load the app and recognize our others.

So get your copy now within Apple’s App Store and try the gameplay which will remind you of your childhood (at least in Europe, where Go Fish games are very popular as card games): iTunes link.


The running gag with app rejections

angrykidOn this monday we had a telephone call with an employee of Apple regarding our apps Super Trumps Actors and Steam Engines. The two new members of our Super Trumps family are in review process since September the 2nd – since 35 days. Two weeks ago we already had rejections of the both new apps, regarding inappropriate keywords.

Now we have a new problem, which – in my humble opinion – seems to be a absurd reason to reject an app: Within the game we are using an icon of a mobile device with touch screen. Although the icon doesn’t look like an iPhone (otherwise I wouldn’t love my iPhone!) from the point of view of the reviewer team it either is an iPhone or seems to be an iPhone.

Because my appreciated colleague Oliver Drobnik has also had a rejection because of an iPhone-like icon I’ve been warned. Therefore I’ve not been using an image of the iPhone for use within the part of the “computer” opponent but a normal mobile. I therefore bought an icon pack at iStockphoto. Now here is the original image, does it look like an iPhone?


For the app reviewer team this icon intends to be an iPhone, poor icon 🙂 But to be fair I have to confirm that the employee at Apple has been very friendly and helpful on the phone. He promised to put my apps at the top of the queue, so that the entire review process won’t start again from the beginning.

So let’s hope he keep his word and our apps will be published very soon to the App Store.


Minor bug in v2.0 fixed

antibugWe’ve had discovered a minor bug within the latest version of our Super Trumps games. Within the high score lists a wrong country flag is displayed for devices set to an English speaking country.

The resolution has been facile: Just the wrong part of the local identifier is written currently. With an local identifier of e. g. en_UK the part “en” is written, not “uk”. And because there is no image for an en-flag this blue UN flag is displayed.

Please be patient until the update reaches the App Store. Version 2.0.1 will fix this annoying problem.