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WC Betting Pools out now!

Our new app WC Betting Pools is available on the App Store right now! Currently we are waiting for the release of the Pro Version.

With our app you can bet on the results of the FIFA World Cup™ and compete with other Football/Soccer fans worldwide.

And the three best users will receive beautiful awards:

  • 1st price: Apple iPad 16 GB
  • 2nd price: Apple iPod Touch 8 GB
  • 3rd price: Apple iPod nano 8 GB

Which team is our favorite?

WC Betting Pools coming soon

“It’s FIFA World Cup™ 2010 in South Africa and everybody takes part!”

We’are announcing our new iPhone App WC Betting Pools & WC Betting Pools Pro. Bet the results of the WC with our app and compete with other fans worldwide about the crown of the Football/Soccer expert!

Don’t miss our app, we’ll keep you informed, when our app goes online.

The vieda Valentine promotion

We’re taking part at the Valentine special by vieda at tomorrow.

You’ll be able to buy our two iPhone Apps The Chronicle and Supertrumps Sexy Models at a reduced price of just 0.99 $ resp. 79 Cent. At you’ll find tomorrow 80 further apps at a reduced price.

Don’t miss some Valentine presents!


The Chronicle out now

Today our new iPhone applications The Chronicle found the way into the App Store.

It’s a nice designed reference tool to look over what happend five, 10, 15 … or even 1,000 years ago at a selected date. An exciting day-to-day tool for persons who are interested in the history.

All event data and birthdays and death days are taken from the Wikipedia under free documentation licence and are available in English, German, French, Italian and also Spanish.


Donate for the Wikipedia – now!

Every year the Wikipedia needs the monetary help of their users and is appealing for donation. We all should be interested in making sure that the Wikipedia can go on with contributing knowledge for everyone, for free and without any advertisements.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

Therefore I made my donation for 50 € today. I can’t imagine a life without the Wikipedia anymore. It’s my first source for every question and the most important tool for enhancing my own knowledge or to do researches on a specific theme.


Name day: Today 66% off!

Day three of participation at the advent deal of vieda – the alliance of developers of German-speaking apps – and At day three you can buy our Name day application, so far unfortunately only available in German, with a discount of 66%! Have a look when you can celebrate your own name day!


Bible Oracle: Today ~50% off

Day two of participation at the advent deal of vieda – the alliance of developers of German-speaking apps – and Today you can get our Bible Oracle, an important every-day life coaching tool, with a discount of nearly 50%! Get it now!