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Our card games on iPhone now to be called “Super Trumps”

We have been contacted by someone from the company Winning Moves UK Ltd. and he told us that the title “Top Trumps(TM)” is a trademark of that company.

Criminy, we didn’t know that! When starting the development of our quartets for the iPhone we had a look at the German Wikipedia and just found the statement, that the in Germany so called card game “Supertrumpf” (quartets with cars or other technical objects) is called “Top Trumps” in the US. “Great name”, we thought … but we’ve been wrong, because “Top Trumps(TM)” is indeed a trademark.

Therefore wie renamed all occurrences of this protected title in our English app titles, app descriptions, announcements and also all images and text labels within the applications to just “Super Trumps”, which is on the one hand near to the German title “Supertrumpf” and on the other hand no trademark … until someone disabuses us again!