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The vieda Valentine promotion

We’re taking part at the Valentine special by vieda at tomorrow.

You’ll be able to buy our two iPhone Apps The Chronicle and Supertrumps Sexy Models at a reduced price of just 0.99 $ resp. 79 Cent. At you’ll find tomorrow 80 further apps at a reduced price.

Don’t miss some Valentine presents!


Great success: vieda advent deal

Yesterday we offered our Super Trumps Sports Cars game within the advent deal of vieda and with a discount of 66%. We expected a noticeable increase of sales … but we didn’t expect that we will arrive that high in the sales charts. We would like to thank all new customers for making yesterday that success!

We sold circa 3,000% more than on normal days, that’s incredible!

Until midnight we reached the following positions within the German App Store:

  • Games – Cards: Pos. 1
  • Games – Racing: Pos. 2 (only “beaten” by Need for Speed Undercover)
  • All Games: Pos. 10
  • All Apps: Pos. 27

We have believed in the positive effect of the advent deal of vieda, of course. But we have not expected to reach positions within the rankings that high.

Today we offer our Bible Oracle ~ 50% off, don’t miss it at!

Rankings at


Farewell to Super Trumps with persons

iStock_000010331489XSmallAfter two month of stressful and unsatisfying struggle with the reviewer team of Apple regarding our Super Trumps games with persons (Hollywood actors, Basketball pros, Michael Jackson’s hit singles and also the update for the one with football stars) we made a decision:

Forget this type of app, try to anew the whole stuff of developing apps for the beloved iPhone. We had to learn – below others from friendly Apple employees on the telephone – that it might not suffice to use images under the Common Creative Attribution license, because pictured persons like Brat Pitt could claim the protection of their personal rights – independent from the regular CC license.

We neither want to infringe someone’s personal rights nor want to receive complaints about doing so after all.

Therefore we’ve decided – with a heavy heart – to stop developing Super Trumps branches with real persons and to concentrate on different apps (at the moment we’re working on a reference tool … soon more to come on our blog) and also further Super Trumps games with technical objects like tanks or luxury yachts.

At the moment we have a new Super Trumps game in review with attractive and sexy photo models. Because we have the written agreement of every model respective the photographers of the images we don’t expect any troubles during the review process.

Because of that decision we also removed our Super Trumps game with famous football stars from the App Store. We apologize to all regular customers for that, because there won’t be any update in the future. Just because Apple won’t release it but bann it binary for binary. The employee we talked with on phone made that very clear.
We can offer all customers of  Super Trumps Football Stars with an US iTunes account a promotional code to download one of our other apps for free. Just report to

Since some weeks Apple is very strict in reviewing newly submitted apps and updates and it’s getting harder to get one’s own app into the App Store. But that are good news. Now, perhaps, worse applications and useless fun apps won’t reach the store to that certain extent any longer.


We want promo codes work globally

GiftEvery iPhone developer can download 50 promo codes for every app resp. app version within iTunes Connect. That is a great service provided by Apple. You can provide these codes to friends or press people to test your application. Fine!

The only problem for developers out of the US is just that these codes are working only with the US store of iTunes. Neither one of our friends nor the people of the German press have an US account, so the promo codes are needless for German developers.

Two days ago Jack Ivers twittered the therefore important tweet:

Apple, please make our promo codes work globally!

Yes, dear Apple, please make the promo codes work globally! That would be a great help for all developers out of the US.

Strange sectioning of regions for app sales

moneyI love my job, it’s probably the best I’ve ever had: Designing and developing after my fancy, sending to Apple, receiving the money from Apple. It’s a comfortable way to bring the own work to customers worldwide.

The only thing  for what I don’t see the fun of it is the way Apple is arranging the regions for app sales. Possibly Apple, as an US corporate, has another view of the world as is. I would have divided the world into the sales regions: USA, Europe, Asia, South America and rest of the world (for all countries with lower sales).

How is Apple dividing the world to pay the developers? Ok, we have the US of course as the most important market and we have Europa as another huge and important region. But why there’s a single financial report for the UK? While I can understand to put asian countries into the financial report “Rest of world” I don’t see a reason for having a single report for Japan, a market which isn’t that important for applications made in English or European languages. And does Apple believe in a huge importance for sales for countries like Australia and Canada or because of what reason both have its own financial report?

You might wonder why I’m complaining about financial reports for Japan, Australia, Canada and (a little bit) UK? That’s just because Apple is paying not until 250 US-$ has been sold within a concrete region. My earnings for the month of August have been for Australia  25.04 AUD (21.73 US-$), for Canada 25.9 CAD (23.69 US-$) and for Japan 2,018 Yen (22.51 US-$). So as a developer you have to wait a lot of months until you’ll get money for that “tiny” (in a matter of app sales) regions.
That might be because of different currencies. But you have also a lot of different currencies in “Rest of World”. It wouldn’t be a problem to calculate all sales and therefore earnings in the currency US-$. The result would be that a developer would receiving the whole earnings per month and not only a part of it. So Apple, please reconsider that, thanks in advance!