Finally released: Super Trumps with sexy models

After 34 days in app review and after one rejection our new Super Trumps game with sexy photo models finally got into the App Store!

We’re taking proud in this app because we’ve spend month in finding adequate models to take part within our apps. First my wife Sabine and I have been collecting the data from hundreds of models and then contacted them to explain the form of participation. It took weeks until we had 32 models and appropriate images to develop the game.
The photos of the models are all of high quality, made by European photographers. With written agreements we made secure that we can use the photos within our application. In return we put a link to the homepage of the respective model on each card. If you’re a photographer too you can contact the models via their homepage to arrange a shooting.

We are also glad – above all after the rejection regarding “objectionable content” – that Apple has published the app with a rating of 12+. A higher rating would have been frustrating for us, because as lovers of art photography we’re having a completely different way of thinking about showing the beauty of the human body with the art of photography.

Therefore finally everything went fine and now we’re hoping that you’ll enjoy the new member of our Super Trumps series. For a longer time it also will be the last new Super Trumps game. At the moment we’re working on an interesting reference tool.


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