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Updates of our Super Trumps out new

The last few days Apple released the update v2.0.1 of our Super trumps games with high-speed trains, fighter aircrafts, sports cars and guns. The update of the Super Trumps app with super bikes has been released one week before.

Changes in version 2.0.1:

  • Bug-fix: Fixed problem with missing country flags within high score lists for English languaged iPhones
  • Change: Twitter messages now only in English

The next updates will be for our iPhone applications Nameday and the Bible Oracle.


Get homemade iPhone design sketchbook 4 free

iPhone-Sketchbook_02-ui-designAs an iPhone developer I have learned that it is wise to make the first steps in planning and designing a new iPhone application with a pencil on paper. It is feeling even more natural to sketch an idea by hand instead of creating complex GUI with Photoshop. The classical way of designing also supports the creative process.

Thanks to the test at TUAW I met some helpful tools for designing applications on paper. But there are two problems: First they are not easy to get for a German developer (today I had to fetch my Notepods at the customs duty office), second they don’t meet my demands.
So I’ve created my own sketchbook templates to fit my needs. And I’d like to share it with you.

I’ve created four parts to plan and design an iPhone application:

  1. feature list with ToDo to collect all necessary features for an app and to decide, which feature is a must have, a nice to have or should be developed already for version 1.
  2. A page to design the UI with the original dimensions of the iPhone.
  3. A page to design navigation bars and the UI with iPhone Stencil Kit by Design Comission and also the app icons.
  4. A navigation flow chart to plan the workflows within the app.

Feel free to download the ZIP-Archive (4.4 MByte) of my iPhone Sketchbook and tell me, what you’re thinking about it.


Out now Super Trumps Steam Engines for free

screenshot_v2-0_en_01Get the new member of our Super Trumps series with ancient steam engines for free.

Why for free? Because steam engines are a special subject above all for fans we do not expect a lot of sales per day. Therefore we use the steam engines as a possibility to solicit our other Super Trumps games by offering it for free. We’re hoping that a lot of new customers are curious enough to load the app and recognize our others.

So get your copy now within Apple’s App Store and try the gameplay which will remind you of your childhood (at least in Europe, where Go Fish games are very popular as card games): iTunes link.


The running gag with app rejections

angrykidOn this monday we had a telephone call with an employee of Apple regarding our apps Super Trumps Actors and Steam Engines. The two new members of our Super Trumps family are in review process since September the 2nd – since 35 days. Two weeks ago we already had rejections of the both new apps, regarding inappropriate keywords.

Now we have a new problem, which – in my humble opinion – seems to be a absurd reason to reject an app: Within the game we are using an icon of a mobile device with touch screen. Although the icon doesn’t look like an iPhone (otherwise I wouldn’t love my iPhone!) from the point of view of the reviewer team it either is an iPhone or seems to be an iPhone.

Because my appreciated colleague Oliver Drobnik has also had a rejection because of an iPhone-like icon I’ve been warned. Therefore I’ve not been using an image of the iPhone for use within the part of the “computer” opponent but a normal mobile. I therefore bought an icon pack at iStockphoto. Now here is the original image, does it look like an iPhone?


For the app reviewer team this icon intends to be an iPhone, poor icon 🙂 But to be fair I have to confirm that the employee at Apple has been very friendly and helpful on the phone. He promised to put my apps at the top of the queue, so that the entire review process won’t start again from the beginning.

So let’s hope he keep his word and our apps will be published very soon to the App Store.


iTunes Connect running again?

itunesA few minutes ago I’ve submitted a new application via iTunes Connect, the whole stuff: app description, keywords, screenshots, binary and the texts for other languages.
Having railed at ITC a few days ago I now have to say, that I’ve never seen ITC running that fast! It has nearly 😉 been a delight to work with.

Does that mean that Apple has been able to solve the problems within iTunes Connect? I hope so and I’ll report my further experiences with ITC …