We want promo codes work globally

GiftEvery iPhone developer can download 50 promo codes for every app resp. app version within iTunes Connect. That is a great service provided by Apple. You can provide these codes to friends or press people to test your application. Fine!

The only problem for developers out of the US is just that these codes are working only with the US store of iTunes. Neither one of our friends nor the people of the German press have an US account, so the promo codes are needless for German developers.

Two days ago Jack Ivers twittered the therefore important tweet:

Apple, please make our promo codes work globally!

Yes, dear Apple, please make the promo codes work globally! That would be a great help for all developers out of the US.

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  1. […] Promo Codes: Im Dezember 2008 eingeführt, bieten die Gutscheincodes den AppStore-Entwicklern die Möglichkeit, kostenlose Versionen ihrer Applikationen an Presse und Freunde zu verteilen. Das Problem: Noch immer benötigt man zum Einlösen einen iTunes-Account im Amerikanischen Store. […]


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