Strange sectioning of regions for app sales

moneyI love my job, it’s probably the best I’ve ever had: Designing and developing after my fancy, sending to Apple, receiving the money from Apple. It’s a comfortable way to bring the own work to customers worldwide.

The only thing  for what I don’t see the fun of it is the way Apple is arranging the regions for app sales. Possibly Apple, as an US corporate, has another view of the world as is. I would have divided the world into the sales regions: USA, Europe, Asia, South America and rest of the world (for all countries with lower sales).

How is Apple dividing the world to pay the developers? Ok, we have the US of course as the most important market and we have Europa as another huge and important region. But why there’s a single financial report for the UK? While I can understand to put asian countries into the financial report “Rest of world” I don’t see a reason for having a single report for Japan, a market which isn’t that important for applications made in English or European languages. And does Apple believe in a huge importance for sales for countries like Australia and Canada or because of what reason both have its own financial report?

You might wonder why I’m complaining about financial reports for Japan, Australia, Canada and (a little bit) UK? That’s just because Apple is paying not until 250 US-$ has been sold within a concrete region. My earnings for the month of August have been for Australia  25.04 AUD (21.73 US-$), for Canada 25.9 CAD (23.69 US-$) and for Japan 2,018 Yen (22.51 US-$). So as a developer you have to wait a lot of months until you’ll get money for that “tiny” (in a matter of app sales) regions.
That might be because of different currencies. But you have also a lot of different currencies in “Rest of World”. It wouldn’t be a problem to calculate all sales and therefore earnings in the currency US-$. The result would be that a developer would receiving the whole earnings per month and not only a part of it. So Apple, please reconsider that, thanks in advance!

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