iTunes Connect still a pain in the neck

itunesI’m a huge fan(atic) of everything Apple is publishing, I swear! I love my iMac, my MacBook, my iPod Touch, my other iPods and above all my iPhone. I also love the software products by Apple, iLife, iWork and all the other stuff … BUT:
I’ve never seen a piece of technology that bad like iTunes Connect (ITC)! This tool is still a pain in the neck, gosh!

For those of you who aren’t acquainted with ITC, because isn’t working as a developer and therefore isn’t in struggle with it, I’ll give a short description of what it is:
First it’s just a website, accessible  for registered iPhone developers. Within ITC a developer can look at his daily or monthly earnings and he can manage his application. Every app in the App Store has to be submitted with all informations and files within this special part of ITC.

And every time one has to submit an app or an update it has to bee via ITC. That means in practice the same as wasting precious time. Because ITC is either slow or not reacting at all! At the moment I’m trying to resubmit the rejected Super Trumps game with steam engines after it has been rejected because of a bug with an AdMob advertisement. No chance! One might think that at the moment it is a good time for using ITC, because at a time of 2-3 pm CET the US is still sleeping and there won’t be overmuch users in there. It’s also not a problem of a slow internet connection, I’m surfing at 32 MBit/sec! Simple changes are working, but when uploading a binary, a couple of screenshots or when adding a new language within localization the problems are big ones.

At times ITC is reacting, even if it’s slow. Then I am trying to resubmit the binary of our app again. Everything works slow, but fine. I then click on “Save changes” to finish the procedure … and then nothing happens for minutes until the browser is beefing about the impossibility to reach the web page. After that ITC isn’t reacting for minimum 30 minutes. I found out that it helps to change the browser! So I permanently  switch between Apple’s Safari and Firefox. Generally: I am struck that ITC is working a little bit faster within Firefox but that is just subjective.

So, listen beloved Apple: Please, I beg you, give us developers with constantly pressure of time a new tool to manage our apps for the App Store, I’m begging you on my knees! If it isn’t possible to do so with a simple website why you won’t develop a tool within Xcode? So a developer could manage his apps within the tool where he’s also developing the stuff: Make a distribution build, make screenshots, upload the binary, submit the necessary app description, keywords and all the other stuff. I can’t believe that this would be a huge problem for a creative company.
At the moment only praying will help …

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  1. […] Das Problem, das sich für viele Entwickler in den letzten Tagen zeigt, war eine Unerreichbarkeit des Systems. Vor allem bei größeren Uploads wie Screenshots oder Updates hing iTunes Connect, reagierte teilweise nur stark verzögert. […]


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