Working intensely on version 2.0 of our Super Trumps

preview_trains_v2-0Currently we are working intensely on the next version of our Super Trumps. The phase of coding is finished, currently we’re testing and bug fixing. It’ll be a big step, therefore we are making a step from last published version 1.4 to 2.0!

First we’ll publish new Super Trumps games, beginning with Soccer Stars. Afterwards we’ll publish updates for the yet existing Top Trumps: Trains, Cars, Bikes etc. In a final step we’ll send further new Super Trumps to Apple for review process. Please stay informed!

For version 2.0 we have redesigned the GUI of Super Trumps completely. We’ve made a huge step toward more professionalism and the user interface will be more graphically.
With v2.0 you’ll be able to play not only 10 minutes, but also 20 minutes or infinite.
Optional a player can save his geo position with the gained points into the high-score list so that other players can see his location.
Furthermore one can tweet the gained points and current rank within the high-score to Twitter.

Enough changes to justify stepping from v1.4 to 2.0! We are excited how our customers will meet all the changes of our Super Trumps.

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