Super Trumps Michael Jackson rejected

Webview Super Trumps Michael Jackson

It’s sad, but it’s true: After 25 days of review process our latest Super Trumps application “Michael Jackson” has been rejected.
The reason is:

We’ve reviewed Supertrumpf Michael Jackson and have determined that we cannot post your application because it appears to contain content owned by the Michael Jackson rights holders. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept Michael Jackson related applications not authorized by Michael Jackson’s estate.

Let’s unfurl the whole story: As fans of Michael Jackson (I’ve seen the “King of Pop” live in Nuremberg on his “Bad” tour in the late 80s) we’ve been shocked when we first heard of his unexpected death. We immediately decided to honor the greatest Pop entertainer in history with a branch of our Super Trumps game. Within the game one could play with 32 cards of Michael Jackson’s hits. We’ve been using data and images from Wikipedia under free licenses.

But Apple seems to be frightened of getting complaints by the heirs of the legal rights of Jackos assets. We’ve been wondering why there’s no single Michael Jackson app in store – even no app after one month since his death.
Meanwhile the app review process is getting a little bit farcical! While the “great players” have no problems to bring their updates within a few days through review process, the “lone warriors” and small companies are seeing themselves nerved by partially irreproducible  rejection reasons.
And then this ridiculous  handling of the age rating. Three days ago a new weather app by the German TV station RTL has been published to store – with age rating 17+ (affiliate link).

While Apple is making efforts in enhancing the App Store it would be even more necessary to enhance the app review process and the responsible team of reviewers!
Our “Super Trumps Trains” with high-speed trains is waiting since 24 days for submission to the App Store! Today I received a short notice that the review process will require an unexpected additional time for review. For what?! It’s the same code like all our other Super Trumps games – just other data and media files. Gee!

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