Finally Super Trumps (Cars) are back in Store

After 11 days of impatient waiting and after one rejection Apple finally reviewed the emergency update of our Super Trumps with cars. Now all early updaters of the faulty update version 1.4 can correct the broken version with the new one. We apologize again for all that trouble!

Also the updates for our other Super Trumps games with bikes, guns and aircrafts are online since the day before yesterday. In all four Super Trumps games the following changes were made:

  • Compatible with iPhone OS 3.0
  • Lot of memory and speed enhancements
  • Bug-fix: Disabled the possibility to touch value buttons while it’s iPhone’s turn
  • By user request: Country flag of compared card is shown now

Now we are still waiting for Super Trumps Trains and Super Trumps Michael Jackson to get reviewed by Apple. We’ll keep you informed.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by CrazyStuntman on 2009/07/29 at 10:31

    Can you validate my score on super trumps bikes, I play all the time and got a rather high score. I think I done 16 straight in around 30secs, all straight in around 50 secs gets around 2200 points, my score was 4460 I think?


    • Hi!
      A lot of points, congrats 😀
      Let me see, a 15 combo is worth 300 points, therefor it have been two 15 combo? Would be 600 points.
      Wining the game within time is 500 points at level hard.
      Finishing the game after 50 secs would be worth 1,100 points (2 * 550 remaining secs)
      You’ve won all 32 cards, this is another 320 points.

      At all:

      So where are the another 2,000 points coming from? We’ll check that, thanks for your indication!


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