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Still waiting for happiness!

What the heck, it’s – yes! – the 17th of June and for today the release of the new and greedily expected OS 3.0 for the iPhone has been announced.
But where is it? I’m sitting since hours, staring on iTunes and permanently clicking on the “Update” button. But there’s always this frustrating message that version 2.2.1 is the current one! Gosh!

In the meantime attentive people have discovered that Apple Singapore announces the release of OS 3.0 for the 18th. In middle Europe that’ll be today at approximately 9 pm 😦

Because today it’s the birthday of my beloved wife I presumably won’t be able to play with the new features that late … poor me!

Starting from today …

A warm welcome to everybody who has discovered our new blog about our activities regarding iPhone application development.

Since it got uncomfortable to support informations about our latest products with an iWeb site we decided to chose the new way with a WordPress blog. Hopefully we’ll find the time to publish interesting informations about iPhone development in general and about our own iPhone applications which you can buy via Apple App Store.

Starting from January this year we have discovered the fascination of the modern and pathbreaking mobile device by Apple. After some weeks of studying Objective-C and Cocoa Touch we published our first app to the Store. Until now we have seven apps online and there will be even more in the next weeks. Stay tuned …